Are you visiting Athens for the first Time? Read our 6 Tips to Save time and Money

Athens in Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world. Packed full with a lot of historical artifacts, Athens is a place to be for tourists from all over the world.

This article will go the long way for you to help you save money and time on your trip to Athens.

1. Leave the airport in public transport

If you want to save money on your trip to Athens, then the best way to start is immediately you land at the airport. The airport is a long distance from the city centre and as such the problem you will face is that expensive cab men will sweep you into their cab charging an exorbitant €38 cab fare. This is in fact too costly and you can save your hard earned cash by taking the public underground metro, specifically line 3, that costs around €10 or you take the X-95 bus by getting €6 ticket to station Syntagma.  Never be alarmed anytime you reach Athens as the metro service will still be available until midnight while the bus offers a 24 hours service. SO as to get to know where to visit first, simply click here for the Athens Tourist attractions map

2. Indulge in Greek street food

In Athens, street food is cheap and readily available. The Savory munchies filled with pita are synonymous with Athens. A pork souvlaki or a chicken as you may like it costs around €2, mind you don’t bother looking for where to get these as you will always find a food stand almost everywhere you are grilling meat. Foreign food costs a fortune in Athens, so be wise and go streetwise, you will be so happy at how well you will be fed for so cheap.

3. Use the discount on Museums

Entry fee into museums in Athens is relatively cheap compared to other European countries; nevertheless, saving on the fee of entry into museums is a great way to save some cash. Any lover of architecture and history will want to be in Athens and the city’s museums. To grab a discount on the en try fee, you need to be in Athens in the winter. The authority of Athens have cut down the price of entry between November and April to just €10 when visiting the Acropolis and the National Archeological Museum to just €5. It should be noted that students can even gain free entry into these history attraction sites. Want to know about more Museums and great attraction sites in the city, click here to know more about the city of Athens

4. Take advantage of the affordable hotels

 One of the budget killers for tourists is where to lay heads at night. Hotel accommodation costs a fortune generally in Europe but Athens is practically different. You can get cheap accommodation in hotels that charge less than $50 for a private room. You can even stay at a Hola Hostel if you are a member. Hola hostel is a network of hostels that house tourists in South and Central America but now have locations in Europe as well. They offer 10% off to members as well as on food and other activities.

  1. Use the hop-on hop-off bus tour

After purchasing your ticket, you will need to redeem your voucher at shops available for the hop-on hop-off tour buses before getting into the tour bus to explore the great old city. The hop-on hop-off buses in the city of Athens will take you around for 48 hours, this is simply fantastic and will help you see enough of the old city. The buses take 5 routes which will help you see quite a lot of what the city of Athens has to offer tourists. You are free to customize your sightseeing and explore at your own pace. The hop-on hop-off buses available for tourists in the city of Athens have open roof buses and all buses offer free Wi-Fi for tourists to reach out to the world. The buses will get you to the Temple of Zeus, the Greek parliament, the Planitarium, Museum of Piraeus, Byzanite Museum among others. You can compare bus tour by clicking here for Athens bus tours comparison

6. Not every drink is cheap

Do you drink? Then forget about alcoholic beverages on your trip to Athens if you are hoping to save some money. Athenians love to drink, relax and chat outside and as such you will find bars, pubs and relaxation centers throughout the city of Athens. Alcoholic beverages can cost between €7 to €10 while cappuccinos costs around a meager €2 and squeezed pomegranate juice costs just €1.30. Even the local city wine costs €5 per liter carafe.

Just to be sure again, to save money, forget alcoholic beverages in Athens.