Shade Sail: Practical information


Less popular than gazebos and pergolas, the shade sail is just as effective as they are and shows a high degree of design. However, it cannot be understood as just a shelter in the garden, the shade sail is designed primarily to provide effective sun protection and make the most of your terrace during the summer. To achieve its purposes, our shade sails retake many positive characteristics of the sails used in the navy. Directly inspired by this industry, where they allow boats to take advantage of the wind to move in the sea.

In addition to its incontestable and indisputable protective virtue, they constitute a real advantage in terms of decoration. If you are still wondering why you should equip your terrace with a stretched canvas, we offer you more information here.

Shade Sail

The choice of a shade sail must be with certainty. Take the time to compare the different models available! In this context, know that it is best to first choose the fabric from which it will be manufactured. A good sail must be an unstoppable shield against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but it must also withstand the inclemency of weather, starting with wind and rain. As a result, creased offers pierced candles and water repellents respectively.

The size and shape are very important too. You must make sure before placing an order, have enough space to lay your future candle. On the contrary, be careful not to select a model that is too small to be insufficient to shade the entire desired area. As for the shape, your choice is conditioned by the trajectory of the sunlight as well as the decoration of your terrace. Depending on the amount of sunlight you have on your terrace and your decorative expectations, you should compare rectangular and triangular candles, to know which ones are convenient for you.

Then choose the colors, although secondary, they deserve special attention. As we explained in the previous point, it is not just a simple solar protection equipment. To highlight your terrace as well as protect it, opt for the colors that you like and that combine harmoniously with your outdoor space. The presentation of our new shade candles will give you an overview of the latest trends. If you do not find any of your taste among our selection of products, do not hesitate to request a personalized shade sail, perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your terrace and expectations in the decorative plan.


The installation is a crucial stage for the placement of your equipment, either from a single sail or the combination of several, will determine the effectiveness of its protection, safety and durability. Depending on the climatic conditions of the area where you live, it is possible that your sail is subjected to a severe test, by wind or rain. This particularly explains the desire of creased to carefully define the type of sail, perforated and / or water repellent. This also implies that it must be properly subject to its fixings, it can be one or more walls of your house and / or one or several masts.

To go further

Thanks to an abundant experience in the activity beyond the limits of sun protection, creased gives you more information about shade sails. We have become interested in the market of decoration and real estate as far as its influence goes. We have also written a white paper that you can consult here; consult the section of frequently asked questions in which we answer aspects that are presented to us more often.