What Different Types of Bed Frames Are Available?

A bed frame supports a mattress and also it should provide solid total stability for the rest of the bed also. Out there on the market are a number of different bed frame types as well as significant cost variations among the different designs.

Heavy Metal (No, not that musical racket!)

The most basic bed frame is made from metal, and sits on low wheels or casters. This kind of frame normally is available in twin/full, queen and king sizes. On the metal king size frames, the width of the bed needs some centre support, so this type normally has a metal strip in the middle of the frame to provide some extra needed support.

  • Every side of the frame, in all sizes, has a somewhat raised edge with about an inch or two (2.54-5.08 cm) of metal support to make sure that the mattress doesn’t slide off from the frame.

The benefit which people will tell you about frames for metal beds, is in most cases a matter of price, and quite often abedshop will do a great deal for both the bed and mattress. Or occasionally they will give a lower quality metal frame bed as a bonus for purchasing a great mattress.

Matters of Wood

A number of wooden bed frames are built on the same kind of principles to most basic metal designs of bed frames. Some of these also have a support around the sides of the mattress to stop it slipping off from the bed.

  • The major difference is the fact thatnearly all wooden frames will not be fitted onto casters or wheels, and are typically on legs, which makes the bed higher, and gives for extra storage space beneath the bed.

Wooden frames come in a range of different head and footboards which are attached to the frame. Alternatives include the beautiful four-poster and the sleigh bed types. Frequently, a wooden bed frame will have some additional support via slats of wood that run at right angles to the length of the frame. (Bunkbeds will usually be fitted with slats, also)

Platform Frame Type

On more type is known as the platform frame, which is made from a long box-like platform which fully supports any mattress. Such platform beds are normally used with just the mattress, because the wooden support under the mattress is designed to be strong enough to hold it.

  • One other design of the platform type of frame is what is known as a “Captain’s bed”, and is traditionally a great option for children. Captain’s bed frames in most cases feature useful drawers underneath the bed for storage.

Splish, Splash, Waterbeds!

Waterbeds must have a special kind of platform bed frame which usually has much higher surrounding edges. This type is not seen so much these days because waterbeds are no longer as popular as they were back in the 1970’s and 80’.

With such a choice of frames, you just can’t go wrong!