What Is Meant by a Fire Suppression System and How Does it Work?

The job of a fire suppression system is to extinguish any fire and stop it from spreading. This sort of system is commonly employed in combination with fire alarms and smoke or heat detectors, to safeguard people, buildings and their contents.

  • The three main kinds of fire suppression systems will use water, inert gases, or different chemical agents to put the fire out

These systems can be of an automated or manual type, all depending on if they require outside intervention to be turned on.

Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems

Water will always be the most common kind of fire suppressants, and is mostly put to use in sprinkler systems.

  • As you may already know, these sorts of fire suppression systems can come in both wet and dry types

The wet sprinkler system is always ready to be activated, meaning that there is constantly water waiting in the pipes.

This type of fire suppression system can be automatic, and will operate if the system senses smoke or a very high temperature.

  • The dry sprinkler system variety is manual and will only be activated after a connecting water source has been turned on

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Gas System

The other system for fire suppression include the filling of a space with an inert gas

  • Because fires require oxygen to burn, the gas has a smothering type of effect

This system is typically installed and utilised in sensitive areas, where water can harm specific devices such as computer equipment or documentation.

A place such as a computer server room is the type of area where an inert gas, like argon, is commonly used to extinguish a fire. Inert gases will put out a fire without doing any harm to electronics or other types of equipment.

  • Nearly all systems nowadays are fitted with alarms to alert staff to vacate an area prior to the gas being released

A Combination of Both Systems

In some environments and surroundings, a mix of both wet and dry chemicals can be put to use as a fire suppression system. This system type is normally automatic, although they can be equipped with manual controls so as to activate the release of fire suppressing chemicals.

  • Some materials can react negatively to the presence of both water and/or inert gases, and in such a case the combination of both systems is normally the best option

Feeling Safe and Secure

Every single one of us likes to be in an environment that is both safe and secure, and that makes perfect common sense.

And any person out there who is living or working in a place which requires professional fire safety around them, will feel much more comfortable and protected with the use of a top quality fire suppression system.

A building on fire is certainly no laughing matter, so get yours sorted out today!